Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Death and mud

mind tries to reflect upon the power of death and trivializes mundane life

Death and mud

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

12:19 PM


After the last breath is released only body remains. The breath is given back to the winds. The body is burnt and the water goes into the clouds through the fire that facilitates burning. The remains are mixed with the soil and are offered to the river to meet the oceans.


Can you sense that energy when these elements interact with you in your surroundings? The air you breath, the water you drink , the soil on which you walk and the sun that gives energy. They mix and form and give birth and then they disintegrate and are returned back to nature. And it happens with everyone. No one is spared death. It is a certainty and the only certainty. Rest all comes and goes but death persists. The death is release of energy in environment that you can subscribe to and build on.


When everyone is mud then why do we have opinions? If you have the resources then why don’t you simply share it. Are you bounded by life and freed by death? Or are you free for life and after too. Go melt everyone and see the sand and walk over, fear is simply a perception, a feeling to guard against harm. And what harm can a piece of mud do to another?


Nature is free. Life is free. Death is certain. Die when you have to or die every minute before you have to. The choice is actually not a choice, one thing is certain and other is free to take and embrace. Or you can choose to embrace certainty before you have to and just because you are afraid of exercising your freedom. Shout, scream and shake or simply play and enjoy the game of life.

You don’t die after each good or bad experience, you come out shaken or thrilled but alive. Events are like moves of the games, some move could be to partner and some could be to opponent and some could be simply out of play but the sequence continues until the game ends. You can learn from the game and play the next one better or you can die with each game and forget about the rest or better wait for death.

You are born, you are alive and then you die.

You cannot choose when to be born or die but you can choose to live and be alive.



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