Thursday, May 24, 2007

from malu, my college mate

My current strengths are in operations/execution and most notably in team building and technology management. Given an opportunity I am able to break it up into manageable pieces and assign it and empower people to deliver on time. I am not averse to research during analysis phase.
The weakness is in terms of specialization in technology but the strength is no technology is daunting or causes fear of embracement.
I have personally participated in projects that have scaled to monolith size and also to college type experiments where in the size is small but turnaround time is minimal.
The weaknesses are in sales, marketing ,finance, customer and social network management. How to sell to customer who will bluntly ask you " what is the specific solution that you have for me? I need to get more exposure to customers who can stump me and I need to learn to respond appropriately.

Build Case Study
I need to build a convincing case study for successful product lifecycle with appropriate references. Also few forceful business cases that can have disruptive effect in the future of the company.
Currently the KPO are structured into analytics, market research, patent, legal and financial engineering. Analytics involves analysis of data ie., data crunching and making sense about of it. Finance is different from accounts and could involve risk management etc.,
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