Wednesday, May 02, 2007

path clarity;energy;ego bashing

The objective should be clear. The roadmap should be in sight and best practices along with the set processes should be in place if one needs to seriously pursue one's dream.

Apply the principles learned in books and internet. Find the gaps and strengthen them. Don’t get into the habit of simply learning and getting thrilled. Learn to burn rubber on the tar and feel the heat.

Lets take example of any of the idea conceived in the past. Where do they stand in terms of progress? Do you simply want to be a idea generator and feel good about it? Where is the process of taking these ideas to market or to repeat a process if one comes out with newer ideas?
Innovation is a repetitive process and to put it into practice you need well defined process. You need learning's of past captured as a best practice so that you reduce the effort of future.

Unless you act you will simply be where you, cuddling in your comfort zone.

Saints say that you are the energy. I am energy and it is upto me to disintegrate or construct using the same. Just keep saying "I am energy". It could be the mantra that will awaken you, that will possess you and that will shake you out of your slumber. You have been dragging this for so long that it comes naturally to you. To break a habit you need the will. The will to change. You need to change before the world can be corrected of its shortcomings.
You are the source of energy and so is everyone around you. It is upto to you to tap into this source and create or question/doubt to disintegrate and extinguish. It may have something to do with trust and how you respond to low energy and high energy. Both are different and must be handled discreetly.

Ego bashing requires a villain. You boost your ego by destroying the behavior of other in your mind. It disturbs your mind. You lose peace of mind but it feeds your ego and then you glorify it. You fan the fire and the negativity collects. You wonder what is wrong with you as your behavior with the people you care also gets affected. You do not feel that you are building a character that is self-defeating and defensive.
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