Friday, June 26, 2009

Just beat it

His cassettes were played first in small 1000 rupees tape recorders. He was often heard on radio as we listened to him in attention. Then EC TV came and he was visible on TV. Once on TV his dance steps became legendary. Break dance was item in most school functions and college festivals. His dance steps were copied by one and all. Now my back is broke and I do not fantasize that one day I will be as good a dancer that has walked on stage. But you break my heart by this early exit. God bless you.
Your songs would be sung by friends in hostel rooms and people will fall over to witness your steps by experts in the field.
His videos and their presentations became a legend and especially early adaptations of graphics technology in one of his song, I forgot the name. Do you remember? Do You?
Just beat it, Michal your image will always stand in the mirror for me. You are not alone, our good wishes and concern will always take care of you, wherever you are and in whatever form.
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