Friday, June 12, 2009

small or medium

How many people would ask you that question? In what context will they ask? Where will they ask? 
I suddenly felt lighter and smoother while the wind smoothen over me. My walk had spright. The breath going out could feel the bottom part of upper lips.
Did I have an haircut today? You bet I did. My arms movement is clean as armpits have no resistance. 
They have an air conditioned one and a normally conditioned one with open doors. I generally go to the AC saloon and today too I went in and sat in amazement as one person was having haircut and another was waiting. There was only one barber. It was 6:30 AM on a friday morning. I was disappointed. I could not sit there for long as person having haircut was familier and after initial lead to embarrasing silence. Second person who sat there looked familier and as always I was confused as to make the first move or not. The room was stuffy as AC was not working. I wanted to tell the guy but simply went out.
Their second place was more conducive as everyone was unfamilier but the situation was same. Then the head of the honchos come and I spread my eyes wide open laying down the carpet of foundation for him to welcome me to one of three vacant chairs. 
He was not pleased and on query ansewered that he was going to devasthanam. I was happy and wanted to wish him happy pilgrimage but he mentioned he was off to Banasanakari temple which was less than 5 kms away. His workplace starts at 6 and he was off to temple at 6:30. God bless him but he ensured that another of his accomplice turn in and start serving the customer. 
And he asked me "Small or medium?"
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