Thursday, June 18, 2009

bluetooth not working

I was twitterpic from mayanks tweet and wanted to make a comment on the same and upload a pic of mine. I went to my mobile nokia 5510 express music. Everything nice about the mobile except the songs that they promised will be unlocked once bought are still lying in the DRM wilderness. Very sad. Isn'it?
I clicked on the bluetooth icon in system tray on my hp 540 laptop and it said not working. I went to the control panel to find the isse but clicking on bluetooth again brought me back to same panel. I then thought some service maynot be working well and went to services.msc from my start-->run and there was one bluetooth service but it was running smoothly. I dint want to go to troubleshoot wizard so restarted and checked the status in event viewer which you get from control panel--> administrative tools-->computer management-->device manager-->bluetooth. I could only find the bluetooth enumerator there.
I was called for breakfast and had nice and steaming pohe (rice flakes colored yellow by turmeric, made spicy by green chilly and smoothened by cholestral friendly oil). I came back to my den and looked out of window.
I was willing to give when I realized the wireless button in front of keyboard showing a orange color. I pressed it to make it blue.
Again when yuo go back to computer management you will see "HP Integrated module with Bluetooth 2.0 Technology" right under bluetooth devices.
Have you had any orange to blue experience after having rich POHE( If I was typing from firefox then i could show you this in translitered hindi but this is my latest chrome, a fast browser, not necessariliy a transliterated browser)?
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