Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Doctor and salesman

It was a routine checkup call for the couple. They found a chair at opposite ends with an LCD that was wall mounted on wall. They were glued to the people in the songs doing all sort of suggestive steps with beautiful scenary in the backdrop. I always wished to remove the enactors and only woonder at the natural beauty behind. 
The place had more people with ties and huge leather bag full of assortments, I did not know what. He guessed they would be salesman. They kept pouring in and once in a while one of them will peep inside the half ajar doors of doctor who were supposedly treating the patients. There are more tests than treatments these days. Maybe these sales guys have something to do with that. 
A senior guy of them came around and was cheering them up and suddenly get into face of one of them "Did you check him? , Did you check that doctor?". I did not hear words but they were loud in gesture. 
The doctor was in OT and one of her assistant was asking all sorts of questions and the couple was tired of waiting first for the assistant and then for the doctor. The guy tried to make faces and make her laugh but she was more eager to hear her name called by attendent and almost jumped out of her seat a few times. 
How is your experience in privately owned hospitals in India these days? 
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