Friday, June 19, 2009

Icici prudential health saver plan - Health card

The lady ended the call with "Congratulations Sir!. Maybe we can contact after baby is delivered."

A few days back I had chance visit to ICICI bank branch in Jayanagar to deposit money on behalf of Art of living foundation. I was beyond their time limits but the manager and the staff cooperated and considered my request and served me well.
There I enquired about the coverage of maternity in any of their health plan. The lady across the counter who was done for the day and was helping out the other guy who was serving my request said she could help. She went to few places within the branch and placed a call on her mobile phone to their health agent who had left for the day. He patiently answered my queries.
Yesterday, I got a call from one of their agent (from number starting with std code 040) in chaste Hindi. He was putting ji after my name very frequently. He considerately explained the benefits of health card. He did not mention the word insurance till I prodded him but went along explaining with his routine pitch.
Today I got another call from Jayanagar 3rd block branch of ICICI from another person who quoted the past reference of Richa and explained the coverage of Maternity in their health saver plan through the market linked investment that they have.
The product provides certain percentage of fund that can be claimed under maternity hospitalization. Say you have a plan of Rs 15K then 25% of that goes under direct medical coverage and 75% goes under investment portfolio.
You will need a maturity period of atleast three years for funds to built up and then from third year onwards you can start claiming for maternity hospitalization too. This seems to be unique offering from them.
If a pregnant lady is more than three months into pregnancy then she cannot be covered under plan immediately. You have to wait after delivery for both mother and child to join plan. You can obtain the benefits after 30 days from coverage start time. The bills spent this year can be claimed in the third year as they have a validity period of three years.
Comment below if somebody else is offering a similar product.
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