Tuesday, June 23, 2009

From he was to He is

He was travelling in Indian Auto. He was getting late on an appointment. He generally uses the services of BMTC buses (the most cosmopolitan of buses wherein there is no way for a first timer to know where she is coming from or going to by simply looking at it). He got into a wrong one and then another and lost his sense of direction and could not place himself with known coordinates. Thus the decision was made. He chose to go by Auto.
Michael Schumacher may have retired from formula 1 racing but he has left a legacy with the Indian auto drivers and especially in Bangalore to consider every nook and corner of the city as their F1 track.
On this auspicious day the Gods decided to send a Meru cab coming from opposite direction with a driver somewhere in Koramangala. The driver left his lessons of relative speed in school itself for he chose to take a turn in front of the oncoming rush of this auto.
The miscalculation made the auto on three wheels to touch the back of can and sometimes a slight touch in life can cause you to tumble irreversibly. It is only then you realize that you are a social animal. Till then your independent streak shines through and covers up for your little ego.
The people rushed him and helped the auto to regain its balance. He was hurt and dazed. Some really good souls offered him water and place at their residences nearby to rest for a while. Some offered to take him to clinic. He walked away from the scene of further conversation and sat a little distance away. He managed to get a ligament tear only as Gods decided to have mercy on him
His name is Priyank Sharma and he is embodiment of godliness. He does not pray so leave a prayer for him in the comments below and link this talk for eternity.

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