Thursday, June 18, 2009

its pouring ice cold misty drops

It rained and my fingers have shrunk in. I simply stood in the balcony. The rain was as eager to embrace me as I was to her. She heard my prayers from all directions as it came hurtling down from left as well as from right.
The mango trees were still but the water squeezed out between golden magic and jardine on one side and magnifica and carinata on other side. It seemed to be converging inside my balcony as this was the first time she entered through the winds.
The touch is always special as is every drop. You also fear because you know there will be loss somewhere both of life and property with the way cities are constructing and growing these days.
Water was floating above the concrete as it mixed with downpour from above. Never witnessed anything like this.
A mother and child were walking with a weak umbrella getting drenched from all sides. The child was trying to hug close to mother.

It was cold hail drops. It is still pouring now and I am cushioned in the sofa after a warm bath. My fingers are still shaking and my ears are releasing a serene warmth. The rains are heaven and yes they are monsoon. Still the thunder is ON.
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