Friday, June 19, 2009

Auto drivers parking randomly

The autos are parked outside the security gate on right side of Brigade Gardenia, a residential locality in RBI Layout in Bangalore.
A person went to drop his visitor to the so called visitor parking. The autos had formed a line behind the visitor's car. He screamed at the group of auto wallahs who were whiling away their time, chit-chatting or sleeping in their autos. Generally having a good time.
He thought that they would not listen to his request calmly so he hoped that the shout will work. They started to tease and call the old man whose auto was parked behind the car.
Meanwhile another one commented saying this place is ours and we will park the way we want to. The person asked him what made him think so. The auto wallah said this land belonged to them, this air belonged to them and they were here since their childhood and had every right to loiter around.
The person asked for a government permit to park the auto on this side of the road. Nor he could locate any sign from government saying so. The autowallah said they did not need them.
The person went to the security and he said the place of parking was decided by association so he was helpless.. The person lost his enthusiasm by now.
The person felt bad for the shout and heated argument. He wondered. Is the auto wallah attitude a creation of society? Or is it a reflection of signs of intolerance. Here we are increasing fighting it out for every inch of space in infrastructure? Or is it a simple one off incident that can happen to anyone anytime? Have you had a polite interaction by auto wallahs?
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