Monday, July 20, 2009

pay bbmp property tax online 2009-10

A neat way to pay property tax online if you have a property in bangalore. As launch offer BBMP is not charging extra on credit card payment.
You can go to
and choose form IV or V depending on whether there has been any change in your property from last year.
You will need
  1. Application number from assessment year 2008-09. The number on top right corner of pink form. If you are lucky to have saved it to your files. Not the white receipt.
You will reach a pre-filled form which either you can print to pay in nearest BBMP center or if you have started to trust online gateways and carry a credit card then choose to pay online.
Remember to note down the new application number NOW. You never know when you will need them.
Online option will lead you to IDBI gateway and there you need to have your credit card handy, your tax details comes pre-filled.
You are done with the payment in your cosy little bed.

Time for the receipt. You have still not invested in printer. Okay, In save as option choose print to file and if you are lucky there could be pdf option. Select that. Your receipt is ready on your computer and you can send it across to your friend circle to boast early payment and having availed 5% discount. You can comment about your experience in this blog too and I will take it to BBMP on gold plated appreciation shield.

You can always go back to same site and reprint receipt. Or else if you have forgotten your new application number then we are birds of same feather. I noted down their contact details and promised to call them during the day
(between 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM
and 2:30 PM to 6:00 PM)
Phone No: 080-22247629

After some time I realised (realization always comes later) that I had saved the file. The new application number was there, bang in front, on top left side corner. Now armed with old application number and new you can reprint receipt as many times as you want.

The origin of this information is rooted at
You may not be able to see the message if you are not member of vibrant Brigade Gardenia yahoo group at JP Nagar. Thanx to the active folks there, specially Bama.
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