Thursday, July 02, 2009

Rs 50 toll to Rs 4 per liter of petrol

A good business mind knows that if he has to make money in toll then every instant a vehicle should whip past the toll gate. There should be no interference of whatsoever, neither at the start of toll nor at the end.
A government and administrative mind will not care about the money that went into the pipeline to construct this huge infrastructure. Whether you recover the money or not is also beyond question. Also, thoughts should not be spared on little things like "Traffic pile up at start and end of junction".
But instead let people wait and lose patience and then you announce a flyover construction to begin simultaneously near the start and end of new sea link highway.
It will also go back to dear Mr. Oil , a highly price sensitive commodity to announce a raise just after they have won an election. Remember, before the election there was a drop of Rs. 5 and after election there is raise of Rs. 4. The common man gains Rs. 1 advantage.
Along with that will come cess to increase the government coffers. Why easy measures when you can streamline and bring about innovative solutions and get thousand times more returns on huge projects in which you have pumped in money?
The return on efficiency is known to bring about more revenues than simply increasing the burden on common man. Is this the reason why people trusted you and gave you clear majority?
Please go back to all flyovers and stand at the entry and exit and wonder why the traffic is crawling upstairs and downstairs slums are releasing to the drainage increasing probability of flooding with a drop of rain.
Wake up government and shake your system as I am shaking mine.
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