Saturday, July 04, 2009

Three to five years, Do you have?

You will and should breakthrough only after five years. You will be making loss till three to five years. Your dreams will rub with market and market will polish them with reality check. Unless ofcourse you are lucky.
Words of golden advice from Subodh and did you believe it that I was meeting him for the first time.
Any venture needs time to mature. When you see the fields you dream of eucalyptus oil but the tree needs nourishment and support till atleast three years before it can even start smelling.
You may wonder that its only a tree and all eucalyptus tree grow the same way and you will also zip through.
Well it rarely happens that way. He gave example of Google taking seven years to turnaround even though it was world beating idea.Till that time all good ventures run in Stanford hostel. Some don’t even see the light of the day. It never sunshines.
Some persist and make it work thorough "Com'on man, you are an intellectual and if you don’t make it work then who else can. There is always a way out and if there is none then create it."
Even Guruji says "Have Patience!!"
Patience is really a virtue because you may have created a great service/product till 4 years and then you may quit. If you had seen it through the fifth year you would have turned profitable, who knows.
But your mind only takes you till you want it to go and then invariably give up. You quit. And you go back to the comfort of normal job.
When you are walking with the winds you believe that you can turnaround in few months. It has been more than a month and half at carpoolkaro and where is it now.
Only if you strongly believe that your venture can make meanigful difference to society at large and you at heart can you commit to it for lifetime.
Com'on it's only one life and you can commit to your ventures and carry them through. After a while they do carry you.
Look at Infosys success. One primary reason for it was their stable "top layer of management" from the day one, according to Subodh. People at the top stay, then strategies stays, the idea stays and ventures gets to get a chance to get into lifetime of another generation.

Good luck with your venture , in whatever area or way it may be.
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