Saturday, July 18, 2009

railway reservation booking clerk

It was late in the evening when the news came. I could not do online booking because she did not have ID. I went out in my wobbly swift. She (now I am talking of swift, a car) has been indicating that her tyres could be punctured or wheels could be imbalance. My brother asked me "When did you last fill air in it?" I said "today I filled it twice and I have come to this place in auto fearing the tyre would lose tube.
I enquired on the way for agents who give real train ticket without need for ID card and there was none to found. Everyone said, they could give the ticket but the risk of travel without ID would be on ticket holder. IRCTC online ticketing has disarmed the once powerful train ticket agents who would maintain stock of tickets for all ages and all days and all trains to all places.
I got a call from my brother and then my father. "Why dont you go? She would be alone. She has never travelled alone." My mind also reminded me that I had not gone in marriages but I should post such an event.
The indian railways train ticketing center is located in Jayanagar 4th Block, BDA complex, on third floor and you are not allowed to use lift unless you are sick or senior citizen. The power went off and I had to be careful on steps as some were full and some were half and some were zigzag.
I explained the situation to booking clerk across the counter. I could catch a slight or smile. The guy seemed to be very helpful as he gave me all expensive options which I readily accepted. He explained to me the timing of the trains and told me the train which I wanted was in middle of night and Why didnt I catch the one leaving in evening the next day? He even waited for me till I brought the cash as I did not want to give in the 60 extra rupees for using credit card. When I came back his counter was about to be closed and he asked me to wait as he served another customer. I gave him whole hearted thanx before I went out and took a deep breath.
Some men and women are lucky to live their lives the way they want it, lucky to go the way they
choose. They dont suffer during living and not much during the closure to death, God just takes them away.
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