Tuesday, July 28, 2009

gold silver and taxsmile

I desired to go online to file returns. Its a very funny process. The government has already deducted the tax at source. Your employer has all your tax inputs. Still you would go through the process of collecting Form-16, file returns, print out form-V acknowledgement, send it back to Income tax. Every year, year on year. Is there a better way to optimize this mess and save some taxpayers money to reduce IT staff and this silly process?
I put the request on Brigade Gardenia Yahoo Group and promptly neighbourhood responded and urged to go for taxsmile. I did.
I tried to go through their demo, but even with BSNL broadband they were slow. Gave up. Registered and chose Gold. Realised that only additional benefit in GOLD plan would be they sending the ITR-V on your behalf instead of you sending it to IT department directly. In both cases you would need to courier either to Bombay taxsmile address or IT Bangalore address. I thought Bangalore would be a cheaper option. This was on saturday.
There was no option in website to change Gold to Silver. No one came up in noline chat help. Telephone call would only play the plan descriptions. Could not get a path to talk to someone. Sent a email to their helpdesk. Got a reply on Sunday afternoon.
Taxsmile said it cannot be changed and I had to chose to another user name.
Chose another username and selected option in which you select "taking help from taxsmile in filing returns instead of eMudra or none".
Data entry was smooth except in the end they told me I need to pay some tax to IT whereas FORM-16 said IT had to pay me as my previous employer INFOSYS had collected more tax from me on behald of IT.
I called up helpdesk and this time I could get through. You need to choose option wherein they say you are an existing Taxsmile customer.
The agent helped me with the process and pointed out the error that I had refill my tax savings instruments once again under various heads like pension etc., I did and the return was in negative and they asked me for my bank account details.
It was time for payment and lo and behold it showed Rs 450+taxes. Surprise.
I went to their main site and chose Silver trial from the beginning. Came in and checked for payment option first. It said Rs 250+taxes. Refilled everything.
Saturday, Sunday, Monday.
Userid1, Userid2, Userid3.
Rs45(you only get CD), Gold blunder twice, Silver success
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