Saturday, July 04, 2009

Dashed by twitterfeed dashboard

I enjoyed using twitterfeed for a while. I especially liked their dash board and was encouraged to visit it once in a while to check how many twitterites have actually clicked on the bit.lyies and feedburner links. The animation moves left and right making you presume for a while that atleast a million would have clicked it till it stabilizes and tells us its 2 or 50.
But the thing which I did not like was you can only see the stats for the last two successfully posted feed and on clicking the feed itself you can see two more.
I had posted query in getsatisfaction "Dashed by dashboard" and they said it will affect performance and so they are keeping it low.
Their blog says that they have been recently funded by two nice groups and I am left to wonder where the money is going if it is not able to capture simple stats about my link.
For I believe the only performance concern could be the listener waiting on people to click on my in twitter. Beyond that I don’t think three fields per blog will stretch their data models beyond capacity.
I don’t know what do you say?
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