Sunday, July 26, 2009

dominoes for free

It was 12:10 PM.
It was a typical Sunday afternoon. Some habits die hard. Even though every day is Sunday, you still believe that Sunday is "good old times Sunday" which used to be a day on weekend.
We have had a series of dal-chaval and roti sabzies for many days now. Dominoes sent SMS a few days back with a coupon code stating "Anniversary.Celebrate with us.Buy 1 get 1 free, Valid till 26th July". I generally don't deny participation in times of celebrations.
The temptations ran high and for sometimes later went "dry". The urge to order a pizza sitting on a lazy bangalore afternoon on a "typical sunday" took over. I made the call to 08044448888. He thanked me calling and asked me the area of my residence. The call was redirected to another outlet in Bilekahalli. The lady could not hear my voice. Yes, my sweet humble sound of murmur. The first signs of frustration appeared and I thought of switching providers.
Anyways, I called up again and requested him to take the order as my voice was not going through after call transfer. He said that was impossible and was about to redirect the call again when I asked him for the direct number.08026860133. The person said he would call back. The order was placed and he promised it would be delivered as soon as possible. I did not know how far that soon was just then?
We waited for 30 mins and like in the commercial TV I jumped and danced. Now it would be free and hoped the door bell to ring. It did. But it was housemaid.
After 45 mins, I called back and talked about bad service etc.,. He said the pizza boy would be there any moment now. He could even be at my door steps. I said it crossed the 30 min mark. He said, call him again once the pizza boy came. What for?
Time flew and stomachs started aching. Chocolates and bananas were gulped to postpone hunger.
After one hour, I had to call back again. My fourth call to participate in dominoes anniversary celebration. The guy asked me hold on.I could hear him shouting at his staff as he was getting to know the status of my order, he had to use few bad words too. I wanted to use a few too. He came back and told me he would call back with status. Was it that difficult?
Dominoes called back. Their second call, first to take order and second after 1.5 hours to let me know the status. "My pizza was delivered to somebody else in Brigade Gardenia and he would be sending another very soon". I was cursing myself and thought this was the last call to dominoes.
The pizzas did come, in case you were wondering that we went hungry on a cloudy Bangalore afternoon. The delivery boy was asking about bill and I asked him to talk to his bosses. He gave me the receipt. What for?
The pizzas were really good. Too much cheese in Veg extravaganza and paper thin crust thin of peppy paneer. Ofcourse, I had asked for them in the original order, they were not because they goofed up, BIG TIME. They disappeared in no time.

It was 3 PM.
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