Saturday, July 18, 2009

jhansi to bangalore

Rajdhani express leaves Jhansi at 01:20 towards Bangalore. I saw my ticket a thousand times and wished that it was really 00:20 or 23:20 or 22:20. My uncle and their family was kind enough to entertain me till about 23:00. Then the power and mosquitoes took over the reins of mind and allowed it to lose patience. He asked me "Why are you so uneasy?". I gave a lame "I dont want your night to be wasted because of me."
We went to Railway station and I found a cybercafe offering Rs 25 per hour. I said "I want for 10 mins, Will you reduce the price? There is noone inside, atleast it will give you some business." He was adament and said "It will not be compromised. You will have to pay in full, in advance" and he showed me the notice that said "Even if there is a link failure your money will not be refunded".
I checked email and forwarded the BSNL bill copy to my brother so that he could go to BSNL office and show it to them as proof of me having paid the bill. They were aggressive on the phone 1500 to my wife saying the bill is indeed pending.
Unemployment and misdirection is a problem that is eating the fabric of society as more and more people are engrossed in super standards prescribed by society but no means to achieve them. Thus creating a gap.
The person said in the darkness of the coach "She was heavy, so can you adjust for berth and take the centre one.". I said of-course I could, rich from the experience of onward journey in which a sick family and its members pestered all in neighbourhood so that their dispersed family could sit together and drool. Unfortunately they got into the train from kopargaon after visiting the holy play of Shirdi. May Sai Baba give each of them a little tolerance to respect the peace of neighbours.
He was a commercial officer with Indian Railways who was taking his daughter for CET counselling, full of stories and love for Kishore Kumar, scotch and roasted chicken.
He was an accountant who was with HLL for over 20 years and did not want to leave Bareilly so late in career and quit, knowing not what to do. He was clueless for 6 months till his wife said that she did not like him staying in house for so long. He started going out and became a successfull LIC agent 3-5 years later. The time he said is required for maturing your business. He heart had 25% blockage and his kid wanted him to be operated in Bangalore.
The songs played were slow and sweet and there was somebody in other side who was playing ISKON musicals.
Another person was a marketing officer with a fitness company who could easily tell a story while he was handling a crisis on the phone, seamlessly.
The jungles before Nagpur were dripped in Monsoon rains and land was green and muddy. The fields were pools of water and paddy was spreading its little blades of grass in the fields.
A bridge had no iron extensions and you could jump and easily fly to touch Godavari.
I saw Railway mixed high school, lallaguda, Secunderabad after ages and it looked the same as in memory.
Secunderabad station is grand and spacious and the place was very windy.
Rajdhani gives good food all the time and they also clean the place. The staff remains the same as I saw the ticket collector being the same person all through.
The eyes were heavy with sleep but Singh Sahib was on with his fraud stories. Finally night fell and daybreak was in Bangalore.
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