Tuesday, July 07, 2009

sales is a hard number

Sales is a number. Especially so in seasonal markets like online entrance management test environment. Now that CAT has become online from this year, pioneers like testfunda are going to have a field day.
To take advantage of this you can get in touch with Priyank. He is a passout from NITIE and thus knows the intricacies that go into belling the CAT. He can give you options on various strategies to manage CAT and other management test that go online from this year. His startup is focusing on similar business line.

When would you recruit somebody for sales and what will keep them attracted to the seasonal game? Is it on low fixed monthly income and high on commissions? Or is it other way around.? I believe that selling is a number game and only numbers give business and only numbers come in return for your efforts that you put on the field.
Thus the focus has to be on charging a bull towards greener pasteur. Its entirely upto him to ignore the grass. Be content with the dry grass in front or take strides and rush towards the mountains. The grass is always greener and higher on the other side.
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