Thursday, July 02, 2009

No more meme for my blog by me

Now I don’t have to retweet my blog post using meme. Twitterfeed does that for me.
And not only for my blog but I can get tweets on other blogs whom I want to follow on twitter. Meme will still hang around for a while because I want my readers to be able to retweet the post from here to their respective blogs if they want. But if my readers will also feed my feed to twitterfeed then who will retweet.
I have also put "add this" which has got tonnes of buttons to social bookmark. I don’t know how effective is the experience in which you open a series of button and then choose your favorite and then go ahead and socialmark it there.
Instead do you think if I put a Digg here readers will more likely to push it. Digg the article as it’s a single push experience in which you know you are going to Digg and then you Digg.
In AddThis you wonder what and where will I add and then choose from multitude of choices.
I don’t know what works for you but for me twitter feed does. You simply tell them to post the post through feed and they do it at predetermined interval . Now they also have a orange tinge, fresh and interesting layout. Just go there to get the taste of orange flavor if nothing more.
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