Thursday, July 02, 2009

Its Rupees Three

She was walking in front of mother-in-law. They went to buy vegetables in the basement of Magnifica, Brigade Gardenia. The vegetable vendor comes here on Wednesday and Saturdays.
Most of the time people go there and come back disappointed. When you meet them they say "Vegetable vendor has not come in yet and if he does not come then we have to go to Fresh and Greens" or similar name. The place is less than a kilometer away. That is quite a distance compared to a walk to Magnifica basement. And these days the Big Bazaaar express has come in bang in front of RBI bus stop. It is less than a kilometer away. Hope people will not have complaints on that distance.
So, a stalk of beans fell in front of her. It was only a single green thin bean stick lying in front of her. She pointed out the same to her, the lady who had just procured her vegetables and was dwindling home in her prime time.
She turned back and noticed the bean stalk. It must have pinched her a lot. As she managed to utter these words "It’s Rs 3 a piece".

My dear Bob Dylan could have said this too
As the price index hits the roof
For the times they are a changin
And Inflation is hangin till you ...
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