Friday, July 10, 2009

stuck but alive

Its not the place where you could spend 4 hours of your life. You can see the world. The world can see you. You are touched by the cool winds as much as anybody else would out there in the open. You can shout "Security" and keep doing until the poor fella has to wake up.
He looks around for source of sound and it does not not seem to be coming from regular places. Atleast where he expects humans to be.
But she was no ordinary human. She was old and bold, probably in her sixties and she was looking down at the world. In those days, only the Queens would peep out of their palatial windows from behind the thin veils. She had no choice but to be behind the grill. It was transparent. It was open.
My child rushed to me and told me. I rushed out and had a glimpse. She was majestic in her disposition. She was royal. She was stuck in utility balcony of her apartment in Golden Magic, Brigade Gardenia in JP Nagar Bangalore. Probably on sixth floor.
There was not much to be undone as the act of shutting the door was already performed by the winds. The Security was quick to pass on the buck to Association as we called him to urge for action.
She would sit for a while and then stand for a long while. It was too early for rest of folks with keys to come home. She just had to wait till she bypassed eternity. Thank God, she was chosen to be stuck in full public view otherwise how would I know and you know about this story?
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