Saturday, July 18, 2009

die or suffer

Some people suffer all their life, either physical or mental problems. Everyone has blocks and they stumble upon them all the time. They hold on to them whereas all they want is release from them.
Some people live life to brim, serving and losing themselves in the moment.
Some people eat to live and depend on others to nurture and substantiate their livelihood.
Some spouses are lucky to perish before their better half. Some simply drag till end of time.
There are some who dont need any support until the end and then they simply pass away.
There are some who prolong living by medications and survival toolkits.
Suffering is pain to watch as well as to experience. But why do some people suffer more than others? Some people are lucky and dont get chance to suffer.
Some start suffering the day they are born. Some grow and cultivate reasons for suffering. They carry the cause and hold on to it.
Suffering burns life before death actually does the ritual. What kind of life do you want? Can you choose the type of death that you want?
How does the religion help you in coping with these? Why do you suggest bhajans for the one who is in suffering? Why doesnt the busy soul has time for bhajans and your advice?
Does God enjoy the show that we create? Or, has God created the show and we just suffer or survive?
When you live its like bullet train, time flies? When you dont, its like elephant ride, time dies?
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