Saturday, July 18, 2009

bangalore to jhansi

Karnataka express leaves Bangalore at 19:20 hours. She gave two wait listed tickets to us in Tatkal. If the tickets dont get confirmed then you can get refund otherwise not.
There was a bulky guy and an army man. There were others who were exchanging and adjusting for seats. I wanted to exchange my seat too but the person was not available until Sholapur so I had to be content with middle berth.
The young lads were in engineering college in Bangalore. They had laptops and heavy duty mobile phones and the train had three way sockets to get the electronics going. Thankfully the same sockets would trip every few minutes to discourage the desperate and entertain the rest.
We were having food and they would attempt to check the power point at our berth, the wire would hang lose and touch the food but they dont care.
They put metallic and ear piercing music which could drive a normal ear crazy but they dont care.
They would put ugly, disgusting, downtrodden and filthy horror movie and everyone buddy would fall over and occupy the berth and the designated users would be confined to top berth in chilling AC compartment but they dont care.
They would talk about police and accidents and how they thrashed people and about police cases against their names and their rash driving and their ex-girlfriend in front of their current girlfriend and I wouldnt care.
They played cards and I helped one and they were courteous to me. I would switch On and Off the lights and they would understand that I was acting reading. I just wanted to sleep as I could not take the crappy movie any longer and moreover Jhansi came at 3:20 and they all tried to pause and wait for me to settle before they finished the movie.
They kept calling me Uncle and they didnt care but I felt.
Jhansi did come at 3:20 but the train would not budge from outer till 4:30. There was another family who had to catch a connecting train at 4:30 but they would have missed it.
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