Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Experience to Expression

In the morning you meditate and generate power to handle the day. The day will progress and will give you situations. You can be detached in the events. You can be passionately involved too. The choice is yours. If you get involved you lose trust in meditative power. Next day too you meditate but with lesser assertion. Slowly you wane away and drift towards old habits.

Every situation can be a reason to learn. Your thoughts shift from logical justifications to applying your sanskaar. When people expect aggression, anger ; Give them love and respect. Anyways, its for the eternal soul that your energies are now directed and focused. Both for yourself as well as for the world. The more you apply the stronger you make them.
Assert("I am peaceful soul. I am happiness. I am peaceful. I am pure.").
Regular Assertion is a reminder to ourselves as to who we really are. When you lose faith, you describe the assertion as hypnotism. God has to be a personal experienced. Knowing yourself is really about yourself. Both are highly personalized and customized solution.
It is your responsibility (Ability to Response) to create your destiny. Be your destiny. Live your destiny. When you hold the world responsible, you give the creation of your destiny to the world, to the people outside and then you dance and tremble at their whims. Spiritual organizations can facilitate but cannot substitute your efforts. The will has to come from you, the drive will have to be owned and then experience has to be personal. Expression has to be for the world. You will never be able to transform the world nor expect it run according to what you think is right. You will have to let go this disastrous assumption.
Meditation gives you glimpses of God. Extend those little experiences by expressing yourself. When you express it gains momentum and transposes your old nature. So you turn inwards. Turn and Shift.

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