Saturday, December 05, 2009

Let be, Let go

Let be.Let go.
Let your sorroundings be the way they are. Do not interfere in others life. Interfere in yours, if you really cannot live without it.
Let go of your attachments at physical level and reach out to them at soul consciousness level. With body you limit your reach and depth in relationships. With soul, there are no boundaries, there is no end. It's boundless,pure and enormous.
Do not control others, sorroundings or situations. You will be led to frustrations. You are not here to change the world, control the world. Can you influence by shouting? Influence happens. You cannot enforce it.
You will wonder "Why does not my child listen to me anymore?". Think of the moment when she started to drift away and reduced sharing. As kids, we share everything with parents. Its a beautiful exchange. But as you grow parents impose the right way and my way. You say "I will find my way". And then one day there is surprise for everyone. Drugs/Murder/Suicide/Mental illnesses,low self esteem etc.,
Accept your child the way they are. Then only good energy will fill your home and your children may continually share with you. WIthout acceptance, only resistance takes over the reins.

Is God a friend?
He accepts you unconditinally. That is why you reach out to him and offer him all your sharing/shortcomings/concerns. It is a relationship of equals but to sync up to his frequencies you have to make effort, go beyond the confines of your body consciousness to soul consciousness. He will not take a body and come in any form to you. He is energy and can connect with your root energy. Then you automatically gets charged. Till then you wither and wane and seasons dont seem to change.

What is the purpose of your life?
To nourish all lives that come to you and that crossover you. Its like the river. No matter what you are it will serve you water, you could be an insect, a root, human being. It does not matter to her. She simply provides nourishment and that is her true nature. And whenever she goes out of her way and try to extend beyond her regular course , there is flood and destructions.
So be in your path and nourish souls that touch you, reach out to you. Till then, wait and nourish your self to reach a state where you can relentless give. You should have enough energy in your soul to be able to give so much. If you yourself are drained out sponge then how can you expect to soften others.

Pass on.
Do not hold on to knowledge, skills, talents. They will only make you knotty. You will be entangled in false sense of superiority. Pass on unless you want to be tight inside. Pass on if want to learn more, new. Water does not learn by melting alone, it has to move, create way if none exists, cut stone, be lonely for hundreds of miles but move nonetheless.

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