Thursday, December 10, 2009

How does your body feel from within?

If you are feeling lighter than before. If the problems seems to getting resolved by themselves. Do you feel, sense there is a hidden scheme thats supportive and clearing the ways for you. It could be a sign that God is working hard to strengthen your soul.

But, if you feel heavy. There seems to a weight that you are carrying within, it could be a sign that विस्मृति हो गयी है और वक़्त आ गया है की स्मृति हो आत्मा की. Its a simple game of forgetfulness and remembrance of soul consciousness.
Your body consciousness leads to heaviness and soul consciousness leads to lightness. The principles are simple. How to reach out to soul is also simplified? Your purpose of coming here is also well defined. God has not pushed you out of your abode nor does he want to enjoy your pain. He has sent you with a specific mission एक विशेष लक्ष्य  and it has three purposes to fulfill

  1. Your soul is an actor. It needs a stage to perform. यह सृष्टि वो रंगमंच है जहाँ तुम्हे अपनी कलाकारी करने का न्योता मिलता है. इसे हमारे कर्मों ने दुःख रुपी बना दिया है, लेकिन अगर हम सोचें की जिसका सृष्टि कर्ता सुख का सागर है वोह दुःख का रूप कैसे बना सकती है. सोचो ?
  2. By sharing, the quantity of qualities of your soul grows. You share your qualities with God. But then he wants you to gather more, to expand. अपनी अनुभुतीओं को बाटों. आपके ही स्वरुप का विश्तार होगा. आप जो सुख के स्वरुप हो, प्रेम के स्वरुप हो, आनंद के स्वरुप हो. परमात्मा तो इन सब का सागर है. तुम उसका अंश हो. इस स्वरुप से ओर आत्माओं को अवगत कराओ. शूरुआत लेकिन आत्म स्मृति से होती है. 
  3. Show His mercy and bring back the rememberance that, He exists and He takes care. परमात्मा की भी चाहतें होतीं है, जब तुम उससे बात करते हो तो उसे भी बोलने का मौका दो. वोह सिर्फ येहि चाहता है की तुम उसको याद करो, याद रखो, उसकी स्मृति मैं ही तुम्हारी आत्मा की स्मृति, तुम्हारे परमधाम की स्मृति है, तुम्हारे स्वरुप की अनुभूति है. 
You may feel that god is not listening to you or not responding to you. But have you been considerate to his thoughts and actions. In meditation you go through following four stages
  1. Self-talk- => अपनी आत्मा से बातें करो, आत्म स्मृति करो. You need to talk to yourself first, listen to your concerns first.
  2. Talk to God => Then you talk to him. There are certain DOs and DONTs.
    • Do not ask him about materialistic goals like partner,house,car,job. DO thank him for whatever he has given you to enjoy in this materialistic world.
    • Do not seek forgiveness. He will forgive you. He can see your mistake. DO pray and take a resolve that you will not repeat your mistake. You will not be angry, hurt or harm others. 
    • Do not ask him for power and strength. You will get. Its your right from him. तुम्हारे पिता से तुम्हारे अदिकार हैं. Just thank him.
    • Do not ask him to punish others. Do tell him that they need his attention and provide them so.
  3. concentration - You listen with focus. He will communicate and transfer his energies. You get the charge.You feel his presence and power.You get the energy. You feel your depletion fulfilled.
  4. realization -  You experience his power through your expression in your environment. परमात्मा से तुम्हारा योग इस अवस्था मैं होता है.
Which stage of meditation are you? How does your body feel from within? क्यों वह तुम्हारी सुनता है?

Most of content is derived from BK Sister Sielu talk on Aastha Today between 7:10 to 7:40.
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