Thursday, December 03, 2009

Talk less, sweet and slow

कम बोलो, मीठा बोलो, धीरे बोलो
Can you do the above for a few days? See if your thoughts slow down the rampage. Observe the change. It does not mean that you have to suffocate yourself if you have a strong urge to speak. Do not muffle. Shuffle with the experiment for few days and see.

See if you can collect wasteful chatter that you were spilling out in anxiety/anticipation. Drink the words.

People will not fritter away when you don's speak. Anyways, how many days you have for this tongue to unleash? Do not assume that by speaking you are helping others. Essential talk is must and is good for relations building. Wasteful talk is loss of energy. Conserve.

Everybody here is for themselves. Its not selfish but true fact of living. You may have assumed that you are doing this for that or them. But deep within, its your desires that are getting fulfilled. Your destiny is in your hands. Again?

Your mind goes out and tries to hang on to outside events and people, hoping they will help him cross over to the other side.
When you slow your mind, it will be confused for few days but ultimately it will realize that peace and happiness are not results of great gold rush. They align and go-together well at an easy pace and rhythm. Can you feel that rhythm inside? You can if you slow your words, they lead to thoughts and ...

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