Wednesday, December 02, 2009

You dont own feedburner's feed

Blogger introduced adsense in feeds and the same is available under Monetize link in second tab. I clicked and it said that you will have to remove the feed address in Settings| Site Feed as I do not own the feed.
So I went to the settings and removed "".
I went back to Monetize page and Google happily went ahead with the customization process. I went back to see the feeder link and Google had internally created my old feed link with nice name to something that was cryptic and machine like
I changed it back to old feedburner link and again the Monetize tab was smart enough to tell me that I did not own the feed.
I lost faith on my memory and went to Feedburner. It is now integrated with Google and does not require a separate login otherwise I kept forgetting my password and stopped going there. So I went along and checked whether I really owned the feed or not. And I did and along with my nice name feeder link was another created that Google created and which it judged to be owned by me. Both sitting in the same list, just above and below each other.
I guess their migration forgot something fundamental.
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