Saturday, December 05, 2009

Spiritual being on human journey

We are spiritual being on human journey. We are not human being on spiritual journey. Spirit does not need a journey. By its very nature, its pure, truthful and embodiment of happiness. There is nothing to be accomplish there. Its already in state of being that is untouched and unperturbed.
It takes human form to take it through his human journey. There are certain acts to be performed , certain responsibilities and certain interactions that you just can not ignore. While doing so you may hurt the body now and then, mostly through external sources but you will keep the hurt in your memory museum.
Its like playing a team game like football. Sometimes you hit the ball. Sometimes the ball brushes against you, whiz past you or comes in front of your nose with full force leaving you bleeding and pleading. Remember its only a game. It happens.
As long as you have the soul perspective आत्म  स्मरण and continue to play your roles while respective the roles that others play like bosses,spouses,children,relatives, parents,friends. You need to know that deep within, no one can disturb your spiritual being. In every journey there are interactions. Treat them at soul level एक आत्मा का दूसरी आत्मा के साथ संवाद. Respect the role. Lose the fear that comes of degraded belief systems. जजमान से मिलते हो तो खबराहात क्यूं होती है, अद्यापक से डर क्यूं लगता है, बीवी के फ़ोन से क्यूं डरते हो , अपने आप से दूर क्यूं भागते हो.

Today heard BK Sister Janaki. The spectacular thing about Brahmakumaris is all speak the same language and they do not have a single face or superhero. It could be because of their foundations and belief system. But its simply amazing to hear an organization where the most senior to early adapters all speak the same language.
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