Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to manage change? How not to worry?

Life will always present situations. You can call them problems. You can call them hurdles. It all depends on your english/native  vocabulary.
A divorce, bad boss, job loss, change of place, relationship breakdown, spoilt kids, demanding parents, forceful spouse, the list is endless. Name them and you have them. But what to do with them?
The only thing common amongst all three is CHANGE. We are cuddled in our comfort zone. It may smell of sweat and snores but you learn to adjust. Change is demon that must be avoided at all cost. Thus we choose to forego all learning from newer challenges.
You will only move when the earth below moves and your feet have nothing to hold on to. But you do move, A loss of any kind cannot stop you from living. You simply cannot waste the life force within.
You cannot create a rule of denying yourself of happiness, just for a loss. A loss is part of game as much as gain is.
The change mostly comes from external circumstance, external person and sometimes from within. Despite the origin, its upto you to make it good or bad and create learning in  your system.
Your belief system will help you tide over the loss or tide under the loss.
You can even choose to worry. Its a very strong belief system that we have inculcated in our society of identifying worry with concern/care. The later is a positive emotion and former is negative.
When in negative you cannot expect others to give back positive. When you worry you release negative energy in your environment and your surroundings will give it back to you. Thus you will deplete your energy reserves and enhance your negative environment.
You can even transform your belief system. Help it  distinguish worry from concern. A positive stimulant from a negative deterrent. A small test could be "How do you feel when you think about someone/something?" Do you get a tight pit in your belly or do you feel feather-lite?
When your spouse is late from office, तुम अपनी चिंता को चिता तक ले जाते हो. अब मेरा क्या होगा, अगर उन्हें कुछ हो गया तो मेरा ख्याल कौन रखेगा, मेरी परवरिश कौन करेगा, मेरे बच्चों  की पढाई कैसे होगी, घटना घटित हुई नहीं लेकिन तुम घटना स्थल पर पहुँच गए और क्रिया कर्म भी कर दिया. क्यूं इतना डर? वह है न ख्याल रखेने के लिए. 
And when your mind is relaxed you will find a way out, a solution, a job loss could be a temporary situation, a death, hunger and intensity of the moment can suck you and blur your vision. Rub your eyes and notice. Its just another day to play your role.

God gives problems and makes them obvious to your senses. He also packages solution in a gift wrap. Strengthen your faith through meditation and conversation, to discover the packages. A day will come when the solution will present itself before the problem becomes obvious.

Content Source, Shivani from www.brahmakumaris.com
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