Thursday, December 03, 2009

Chanting Pranayama and relationship

Chanting will divert your mind and will keep it engaged till the time you chant. You will receive positive energy that the sound brings, words like ॐ are very powerful energizer. What happens once chanting stops and you come back to the world, your कर्म क्षेत्र?
प्राणायाम is also good for the physical body. It will bring peace to the body when you are doing it. The peace will be at peak in the beginning. Its a surprise to the mind, it does not like thoughts stream to slow but when it does you gain the benefits. What happens say after a week or a month? Your mind gets used to it. It starts to wonder again, forget about the day, in the morning too when you are doing body योग और प्राणायाम. Mind gets bored with routine, very easily. 

Relationships go through multiple phases and essentially are of four types. 
  1. परिचय -  Lets say you want to organize a birthday party for your kid. You will have to make efforts to remember all those whom you want to invite. You will be worried if you forget somebody. The relationship requires efforts.
  2. प्राप्ति - When you are expecting something from somebody like in a business deal when you are expecting for customer to pay on a particular evening. You will wait for him for entire night even if he does not turn up. You will be disturbed till you get the money. Once you get the money the relationship dies. It is based on receiving something.
  3. सम्बन्ध - A girl who reaches age of marriage. She starts to imagine about her would be husband. Everything is in her mind. Once she finds someone who proposes to her or through her parents and or relations/friends efforts. Now she has associated her imagination with a human being. The relationship has found depth and is stronger. 
  4. स्नेह   - Relationship between a child and her mother. The mother does not need to make an effort to remember her child. She always is worried about her. Even if they live far apart, she can read her voice more than what she says on the phone. The relationship is effortless and is very deep rooted.
What is your relationship with परमात्मा?
ध्यान मैं ध्वनी होती है, तुम्हारे ध्यान मैं किसकी ध्वनी है!
Mind like conversations. Conversations build relationships. It could be a superficial Hi! How are you? और सब बढ़िया है| And then you move on and walk away. Or it could have more depth where you don't have to ask but realize the state of being of other person. The more you converse the more you exchange ideas and better is your sharing. In sharing we bond. Bonding leads to stronger relationships. Does it smell like attachments?
In meditations you converse with GOD. Its a two way flow of ideas.In prayer you TALK to GOD. Its a one way train.
The basis of strong relationship is thus LOVE and it leads to RESPECT. First you have high regard for your state of being and then you can carry that respect around. If you self-esteem is low and dying for attention and acceptance then your respect is in shadows of fear. In India, we have been told to Respect elders, teachers along with a warning that "if you don't then I will" type. Its a deep rooted fear that we have been hiding it and naming it respect. Come out.
You can dismiss the above as another belief system. Or you can make it your belief system.

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