Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Does darkness has source?

Light has got a source. You can turn towards light.
Darkness does not have source. If you face your shadows you will be in dark.
Light fills darkness. Shadows disappear. Could be fear. Could be mind.

Intellect causes visualization. Mind follows visuals. It runs after them.

Intellect is like a big brother who is nudging small brother the mind to come out of Mama's protection. Mama is holding the small brother, struggling to keep him in the kitchen and forcing him to sit in one corner. But ignoring the Big brother.

Learn to turn intellect towards God during your conversations with Him in Morning Meditation. Rote and repetitive mantras in ancient language may not help. Its simply unidirectional monologue.
It is natural for mind to have a steady stream of thoughts flowing. You cannot force it to stop thoughts. Forcing always has destructive consequences. Its like constructing a wall in middle of stream, someday the force of water will tumble the wall and then you will have to witness more rumbles from the mind.

Today had the good fortune of listening to Sister BK Usha ji.
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