Saturday, December 05, 2009

Thoughts, visuals, experience

आत्मा does exercise its power. It instructs the mind to create thought. Then intellect creates visualization of the thought and body experiences.
आत्मा  मन के द्वारा विचार प्रकट करती है, बुद्धि के द्वारा हम विचारो को देखतें है और फिर शरीर उनकी अनुभूति करता है. 
विचार, देखो, अनुभूति |
Thoughts, visuals, experience 
Imagine you think about your child. The image of your child comes along with thousands of related memories. Now, suddenly if the thought of your mother comes before the "visuals" of child and related memories come. Your visual will get shifted to your mother. 
How many memories and visuals do you have of परमात्मा/ God? Now, when the thought of lord comes, how long will it sustain? There is hardly any related content to support the thought and then you move on to next one. The next thought is from corporeal world, more physical, more can be seen, more can be touched/smelled kind. You hang on to it for dear life as reality. 
That is why Brahmakumaris have clearly and distinctly defined God (परम पिता), his abode - a place beyond universe/space/time shanti sagar , his visuals-bright reddish brown light-energy , his frequencies - beyond physical, his nature - peaceful+happy+friendly, complete storehouse of energy.
They have also define you to be शांति स्वरुप, निरंतर सुखी, ऊर्जा की बिंदु.

Now where is confusion. Will your mind still travel during meditation? 

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