Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Where is home?

Who are you?
A sparkling dot of light called as soul or आत्मा
Who is your father?
Another sparkling point of light called as supreme soul or परमात्मा
Where does he stay?
Beyond space and time in a place which is full of unconditional love, silence, and peace. A place of reddish brown light?
What is basis of your relationship with HIM?
Love not fear. How can a soul immersed in ocean of love punish you/ become angry with you? Its HIS nature to be loving and he ONLY gives unconditional love. The ONLY one in whole universe where love comes with no expectations attached.
Who claim fear as basis of relationship?
The one who wants to exploit your fragile state of being. His only GOAL is for you to KNOW YOURSELF and come back to your TRUE NATURE. No amount of stones, rituals will happen as they are always external to your state of being.
Where is your home?
It is same place as of your father/परमात्मा.
Why do you come on this physical world? This is our workplace/कर्म क्षेत्र. It is like you stay in apartment on 5th Floor. You are a small child and you see kids playing in park from balcony. You go and tell your Father that you want to go down and play. He says Okay but take care of yourself, Don't get hurt. You enjoy for few hours and then you get tired, you are mocked by some, you are bullied by some, you are spirited by some. When you are hurt and tired you LOOK UP. For a moment you lose the pain and get strengthened and go back to play. But then comes a time when you can take it no more and then you go back UP, take rest for a while and then come back again next day. The nature of आत्मा is to work and this world is your workplace. But even while doing so you can maintain and restore your inner peace and happiness. You will be able to perform your कर्त्तव्य responsibilities with more vigor and love.

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[Content Inspiration] - Awakening with Brahmakumaris on Aastha Channel at 7:10 PM and 10:30 PM
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