Wednesday, September 30, 2009

female infanticide

She was born to the proud parents. The parents belong to region better known as Bundelkhand. Jhansi being the main activity center and hub of region. A town with medical college, engineering college, tonnes of English medium and Christian missionaries schools and latest in real estate and epicenter of national highway construction.   
It also has chains of clinics with Ultrasound scanning facilities which disclose the sex of fetus to would be parents from remote villages. These parents are mostly educated or have advisors who are educated. One such family has two elders who are both teachers employed by state government for many years and who have loads of sons and daughters. When she heard the news about the birth of a girl child she congratulated the father but questioned the mother with "Check नहीं कराया क्या? "
A disgusting question. Why did not you get it checked? Roughly translated it meant "Why did not you kill the child before she was born?" Her only fault, being a female. She being a lady herself. Would she be able to pose this question if she too would have been killed in her womb? 
She is not the only one. Another wife of another relative questioned the grand mother of the proud mother. "Check नहीं कराया क्या? " 
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