Friday, September 18, 2009

lucky escape

The actors were the same
Bangalore Auto,
Bangalore Roads,
Bangalore Traffic,
Location - Priya bakery turn coming from 18th Main, BTM side. An anxious auto wanted to sqeeze from left. He failed on first attempt, but succedded on second. I let him in. On the turn he went to extreme left and then plunged back into right towards road divider. Another of his kind was in front. And a car stopped suddenly, I never know why. The second auto went into the right rear of the car and another one who plunged in went behind into the second auto. My genes had settled by then and I survived going into the auto and car behind me did not get into me.
The autowallah went to the car side and started crying, must have been hurt by the impact. I went past slowly and seeing not much damage moved towards the silkboard junction, another tipping point.
Its a bad day as another auto has removed the paint and exposed the left rear door joint with body. I was trying to get into the left side and he made an impact with a toink sound. I ignored thinking it would be little and went by. He was eager to catch up and told me few things along with the passengers in the auto. He was also carrying a cylinder but I was not in mood for round table conferance so just kept looking at him as he drove near my window. All this live on Bannerghatta road between the expensive hospitals and prestigious management school.
In office the customer sent a feedback for delivery that was not well tested and you know when you ignore testing and trust too much you have tomotoes on your face.
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