Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a new life is born

She chose to come in Brahma Muhurtam just before the Rudra Pooja was to start in the ashram and the nine days penance for Devi Durga was ending leading to Dusserah, a festival of victory despite odds and evil. September 09 has been a month which brough in Lord Krishna and Ganesha and Rama and Duga ji together through multiple festivals. She too decided to come to this world during culmination of this celebrations.
The initial signs started post midnight at start of english dusserah day and end of navratri day (Hindu calendar).
A new life was born before 5 and gave darshan to his father who was outside on steps knowing not what was happening inside. Doctor said, she had delivered and he could only mutter "Can I come to see?".

The eyes were wide and had started recording the worldly events. He did not know what was happening. Gods miracle were in full display. Another life had blossomed.
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