Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Do you have change of 20?

Location : Lift of Sagar Apollo er now its Sagar Hospitals in Jayanagar, Bangalore
Actor : A security guard speaking fluent Tamil, a nice expensive watch on wrist and a cool mobile phone
Activity : He sits on stool whole day long, pressing the buttons on the lift side and in bad mood starts pressing questions on visitor passes and in good mood is hooked to the phone and cares little.
Act : He was chit chatting with him as he does with most security guard and then on one such trip he popped the question. Do you have the change for Rupees 20?
Fool : The Guard is well dressed and looks to be a nice guy. He promptly opens his purse and brings out two sharp 10 rupee notes and hands them over to the Guard.
Final say : Sir, I dont have twenty rupees now, my man has gone to bring it and he will get back in half an hour.
Futile follow ups: Every next trip , the same kind of responses. He never got his twenty rupees back.
Benefits: A visitor couple came with their infant and he did not take them up on two counts, one no visitor pass and second they were carrying an infant. They called him up and he came down. He asked for twenty rupees again and same story and then he told him he has visitors. The poor guard forgot his role and responsibility and only cared for which floor the bunch of passengers were going too.
Lesson for you: If you think the benefits weigh more than the taste of getting fooled then carry two ten rupees otherwise keep your purse strings tight.
After thought: Same hospital. A sister helps expedite the process of discharge for him and takes the sharp rebukes from a set of Doctors who shout back at her saying "We dont have any other things to do other than attend the patients??" The second part was mine. He stood there and heard and felt sorry for her. At final summary from sister he offered her money saying "Do you accept money as gift?" She was shy to even respond to such silly question and could only mutter, "Theres a feedback form, please provide your comments there" and rushed out. For you who are unaware of Indian custom and culture, its a standard practice to tip people who provide you service as they are lowly paid by their employers , both private and government. Sometimes its called as बख्शीश , bribe if you may.
Conclusion : Same hospital , different set of staff with different sets of values, a true reflection of life.
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