Friday, October 16, 2009

Yellow is beautiful

She was beautiful, to say the least. She was yellow. She was gorgeous. She was in vision for a split second. She came in with the wind and went out. And for all my bias, she may not be she.
When you drive past the madiwala lake in BTM 18th cross, you get through a slum and bang on the BTM road that connects with silk board. The road was pristine and I could see that its made of tar. On most days its a carpet of vehicles and exhaust.
Today morning is when festivities start for diwali. Actuallly since yesterday, as it was DhanTeRas, the day you need to buy steel items or gold/silver coin.
Even after silk board the road was smooth and I was riding high but for a cab driver who was happily chatting on his mobile and came and stood across me at a crossing. Another Qualis came from front on other side of the road who wanted to take a right. The cab wanted to take left and I was to go straight. He was happy on his mobile until I gave a full blown horn and he thought its time to back up and he did. But still hooked onto his mobile.
Who was she? She made my day. She created a moment of ecstasy in middle of BTM road. She was supposed to belong to pure nature. What was she doing in middle of this concrete jungle? Her flutter could not be heard here.
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