Monday, December 20, 2004

The final rehearsal ( a play )and my reaction

It was a wonderful experience. It portrayed the life of an actor. It seems more like the life of any individual who is alone and disparate. It is so true of actor as of any human being that they enact different roles and ultimately the void still remains as such.
Also the transformations and dialogues which move you in shifting context. Like the Gandhi, the freedom fighter to the Gandhi, the rag picker. The comparisons of rug bag to school kids bags. The transition of loss from near one to losing a chance to play a role.
Also like actor we have a purpose in this life , to live and love , till the end. Life will show and urge you to play different roles but you shall live them to core.
The passion, the tears, the mockery and the injustice all taken in stride.
The chair as being only true friend and life of it drawing parallel to our life. The same beating and torture of early years to get the shape right and then the isolation on declaring ones want and desires.
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