Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Mind - a river

Mind flows like the river. It has not seen the ocean but still carries own in search of the ultimate bliss that it has glimpsed but not yet become. 

The water finds the lowest point. The mind becomes humble. Humility blossoms.
The water overcomes the rock solid obstacles. The mind develops patience and perseverance. A never give up attitude.
The water irrigates the fields and leaves fertile soil. The mind shares stories of hardship, toil and makes inside and everyone around light.
The water jumps and cuts through hilly terrain. The mind exhibits its youthful exuberance. 
The water keeps flowing. The mind keeps exploring the new.

The clouds come and meet the mountains. The rivers of life are born. The seeds of mind are fresh from pure rich showers of rain. 
The river is born.
Streams innocently flow and bubble down the hills. Gathering experience and water to form rivers.
They become lazy and lame in fields, dwindling wherever the slopes takes them. Seems directionless but always seeking the lowest point.

The clouds come over fields again. 
Little drops of hope arrive from sky. Instill little vibrations inside.
Little drops of freshness touch the rivers in fields. It fills them with burst of energies and flood them again. Eager to find the source of all this love that clouds have showered on them. The clouds have gathered the love from the ocean and carried them to far off land.

Winter comes and river freeze. Mind become cold and unreceptive. 
Summer comes to melt the solid. Mind melts and prepares to relax.
Rains bring down fresh messages in droplets from ocean. Mind is reminded again of the source into which it is destined. 

And so on the journey continues...

inspired from a quote from HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar 
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