Friday, February 10, 2017

Judging the self

You judge the color of the sky based on yesterdays clouds that you remember today as seen yesterday. 
You judge yourself based on your thoughts that come from yesterday’s situation as you remember today as it happened yesterday. 

Are you seeing things as they are and as they happen? 
Are you clouded by thoughts born out of your perception of how it happened? 

Do you make a factual statement based on something somebody told on someday as to how it happened in their analysis of the worldly situation?

Whom are you judging here? What are you judging? On what grounds you stand when you judge? What is the basis of judgement? 

Are you basing your claims based on a moving platform? Will you have an stable opinion about yourself or anyself for that matter?

अपने वजूद को समझो, क्या तुम्हारा आधार है। निराधार राय को जन्म दे कर किसकी पहचान बना रहे हो। 
हथेली मैं बहती हवा को पकड़ कर एक ठोस पत्थर की पहचान कैसे निर्धारित कर सकते हो। 
क्यों ख़ुद का ख़ून और वक़्त जायज़ करते हो इन फ़जूल की बातों में ।

जिसको जानते नहीं हो उसको पहचान कैसे सकते हो।
उसके गुण दिखते हों तो जानो की वो ही है।

You really cannot define the core, the center by observing and noticing what is happening on circumference. 
It’s futile to even guess or predict how it will be inside when you dont know what is in.
It’s better to observe and propagate the characteristics of the inner being rather than making an attempt to define.

There are three qualities
  1. truth
  2. benevolence or consciousness , that only gives 
  3. bliss

कहते हैं कि उनके तीन गुण होते हैं 
  1. सत्य
  2. चिदा  - परमात्मा जो सिर्फ़ देते है , बस 
  3. आनंद  

So point is not to get lost in making an attempt to define or restrict the unfathomable, unconditional source of your creation. 

Enjoy its creation.
Notice its qualities.
Further its qualities. 

समझ गए न की उसे सीमित करने की कोशिश भी बेकार है जो निराकार है पर आकार मैं रहता है। नहीं समझे तो बस इतना समझ लो की जिसने यह सब बनाया है उसके गुणो को देखो और बड़ावा दो। 

This article was born out of Niranjan meditation as guided by Gurudev HH +Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.
इस लेख का जन्म गुरुदेव श्री श्री रवि शंकर जी  के निरंजन ध्यान की सीडी चलते वक़्त हुआ था।
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