Sunday, June 25, 2017

Understanding my mind ? A thought at a time.

Can you ask the mind?
Do you mind if I take a dig at you?
When you want somebody’s attention you will do all gymnastics to draw their attention.
You will jump, crack joke, act funny, push yourself through to be noticed for a while.

When you look inside.
Do you find somebody sending thoughts to allure you, grab your attention, a bait to hook you?
If you are attracted to the thought then the thought stays and links up another and then another and …
a thought leading onto another — courtesy Indrayani the elephant at Art of Living international ashram
If you let the thought go then it goes away just like the cloud.

Have you wondered to explore who is that that sends the thoughts.
First randomly and then sequentially, logically…
Or thoughts just come for you and there is no force behind it.
What’s your take?

No matter if there is a single thought or flood of them, why do humans aspire to be free of thoughts?
Is our real nature thoughtless?
How thoughtful is your existence?
Have you had a chance to wonder on that thought?

Are you an accidental blip or a well thought idea?

This post was born post samyama.
Samyama is an art of living program spread over 7 days in which you intensify your sadhana and go deeper into your yoga practice. The first one concluded on 13th June 2017 and was taken by HH Sri Sri Ravi Shankar ji.
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