Monday, June 18, 2007

Appraisals may 2007

A take on two roles employed and how they look at each other with regards to current and future work

Appraisals may 2007

Friday, June 15, 2007

5:05 PM




Feedback For I, the role of manager

  1. Small comments make a lot of difference in the team's outlook. Like the one pointed out by a teammate "I was not like this but have become so." The topic was fear of hierarchy.
  2. Temper, I guess it can be used based on the need but you should realize that you are using it as a tool.
  3. SDLC stages, how to customize it for POC or prototyping kind of project?
  4. Mostly all get work based on interests and more than what role demands like in design.
  5. More motivational meeting that help set direction and provide focus.
  6. Jolly and friendly nature
  7. Random movement between tasks
  8. Ineffective estimation


For all roles that are for team

  1. No
    1. design phase.
    2. sharing amongst team, unit, org and customers and therefore no visibility.
    3. inclusion of teammate beyond the module.
  2. Individually excellent and within module too or working together for assigned task.
  3. Generate more interest , Raise awareness level of
    1. Current product ideas being pursued
    2. Solutions with regard to our focus area.
    3. Unified Communications
  4. Increase confidence level and capability maturity of the team so that we can do
    1. Road shows
    2. Presentations at unit/org level
    3. Demo to senior mgmt
    4. Create more marketing material (flash. videos)
  5. Schedule adherence
    1. Who will measure
    2. Who will define
    3. When will we measure
  6. Process adherence
    1. Which areas to focus
      1. Code review
      2. Design review
      3. Doc review
    2. How to internalize?
    3. What metrics to measure?
    4. Who will measure?
    5. How will we measure?
  7. Innovation
    1. Better code review? Which part?
    2. Better architecture? How?
    3. Product idea? Brain storm.
  8. Knowledge Management
    1. Knowledge is acquired and not forced upon.
    2. Wikies/RSS/blogs



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