Monday, June 04, 2007

inFluencing a child

How adults can create a impressions on the child and corrupt her belief system? Suppose your child has got a good friend and it her first day of nursery school. Her peer keeps chanting about the crowded van in which they travelled and how the ride was bumpy and fun. Imagine the fun in 4-8 years old jostling for space in a overcrowded van. But since it is presented as fun and the feeling is further enforced by the peer mother who says that your daughter will like to go with her child and both will have fun too in van in each other company. When you come into picture she tries to influence your decision too by quoting the cost per month and how cheap it is. The mother is also brought into the game thinking its fun and sportingly participates.

You come into picture and try to assert that it is not safe for nursery going kids to travel in vans that are overcrowded and managed by single driver whose morality is not tested and who need to drag atleast 10 kids to his van and drop them at their respective destination? And the only reason the school was chosen because of its proximity to home.
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