Wednesday, June 20, 2007

mush rolls on

Recently a supermarket opened close to residence and named EverFine. She calls it neverFine.

She drops water on floor and I keep on insisting that she will fall if she steps on it. She simply comes again and one hand on sides and other resting on sofa set, with a serious expression on face she says "come to dining table" with a nodding head. It is time for dinner.

She wondered where she was when I was a kid. I say she was a bird. I narrate a incident when my parents took me to beach in Bombay and then I was left behind and probably the sea would have consumed me.
She said that then a uncle saved you. I wondered how come she knew and she reminded me that she was a bird and was flying above.

We have never discussed on cigarette and its ill effects at home but she went ahead and told a friend of her that her father was bad because he smoked.
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