Tuesday, June 05, 2007

where to from where are you?

One of the quickest and best discussion that I had during a assertiveness workshop that was followed by some reading and extracted inputs from few past experiences.

where to from where are you?

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

4:27 PM


"The other person does not listen and only persists with his point of view."

Is he aware of this? If yes then there is problem and if not then it can be corrected.

He could be because he has been in industry for so long.

Did you put across your points?

He had 4 points and I had put across 8 to contradict and defend my point of view, but even that does not alter his stand and he persists that this is how you should go about doing it?

Are you concerned about RELATIONSHIP and or CONSEQUENCES?

No I have a don’t care attitude now.

Still think over and relate to these two points.


In the beginning it was yes about relationship because I was pleasing everybody as I was trying to comprehend the culture and I was worried about consequences because I had been changing jobs often and I wanted to stick around for long.

Then the compensation appraisal and rating was unfair and suddenly I was charged and irritated and built a case to defend my claims. It was heard but still people persisted with their parameters and sanctity of them.

Now again I am at the cross roads of project management vs technical stream. Should I invest my energies into delving deep into the domain and technology or should I focus more on acquiring/sharpening project/client and people management skills.

Management is domain/vertical neutral whereas technical is specialization and getting into a silo. What is it that naturally aligns with myself. The costs are in favor of management because it seems to be more on relationships side. Technical is more logical and rational based behavior that seems to be unnatural to self.

Or better still should I diversify my goals to include the little impact that they can create on self, family, work and community. What is just enough for you to start with that will create and enhance your personal brand image?

Should I start doing things that I never did or thought I should never do or desisted from doing because it clashed with the lazy weekend?


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