Friday, June 29, 2007

Idea management

A simple process to manage ideas and help them transform your team. You can use Sharepoint portal solution to manage all these steps.

Idea management

Friday, June 29, 2007

12:04 PM



  1. Collect from appraisals
  2. Brain Storm
  3. Prepare Wish Lists



  1. In a team discussion on sharepoint portal
  2. email chain
  3. Team meeting with note taking



  1. Do they sound similar to other?
  2. Can you think of one word category or buckets?


  1. Which address immediate need?
  2. What are the current pain points in the team?
  3. What would team like to improve in future?
  4. There would be three priority level like 1 for immediate,2 for within a month and 3 for this quarter.

Action Plan

The list of item for next week,fortnight,month and year


  1. Assigns person
  2. Create topic/task
  3. Give date/dateline



  1. helps follow up
  2. Recurring weekly tasks like audits for CM/code/document review




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